Is Getting Plumbing Apprenticeships Hard?

So, you decided that maybe a four-year college degree plan isn’t for you, or maybe the money isn’t there for that path after high school.  Or perhaps you did take that path and have yet to find a job using that hard earned degree? Maybe you’ve had a great career, you’re just burned out and looking for something different.

No matter your reason, you looking at what plumbing apprenticeships have to offer, where they can take you, how hard are they, and most of all, how do you get one? These are frequent questions, and we’re going to try to provide you answers here that will help you make your decision.

Plumbing is a solid, strong, industry because people are always going to need water and all that goes with it. Regardless of the economy, we’ll all need to drink water, bath in water, flush a toilet, wash dishes, etc.

There is much more to plumbing than what you use day-to-day, and with plumbing apprenticeships, you learn all those things while you earn! That alone makes more sense than going into debt with student loans for a career path that you may or may not find employment, right? The master plumber makes a good salary, often more than their counterpart in a “profession” such as an accountant, doctor, or lawyer.

How Plumbing Apprenticeships Are Found

A frequent question and a fair question to which the answer is, several, various ways. You already know that to become a master plumber, plumbing apprenticeships make it easier and faster. Just like applying for college, you’ll want to create a resume that covers your education and work background.

If you have taken any type of “shop” class in high school, be sure to list that along with your grade average. If you were scouts and build anything to earn a badge, list that as well. Create a cover letter to go with your resume that talks about you, your past endeavors, your plans for the future, where you want to be in 10 years. Tell why you want an apprentice ship and what your plans are after completing an apprenticeship. And if you have any plumbing experience at all, state it on your resume!

Next, you’ll want to go in person and drop off your cover letter and resume at every plumbing company and plumbing shop in your area. Even if they are not offering any plumbing apprenticeships right now, ask them to keep your resume on file. You want to make this trip before lunch time, the earlier in the morning the better. This shows you’re a go-getter and eager to get started on this career path.

Enroll In Trade School When Plumbing Apprenticeships Are Available

When you don’t get any call-backs from this endeavor, look into enrolling in trade school. Yes, you may acquire some debt, but it won’t be near the amount of a four-year college and you have a much better chance of finding gainful employment once you’ve graduated. Remember, we’ll always need water and the things that go with water. Most trade schools are one or two-year programs and some offer helping you find employment after completion.

What Will Trade School Do That The Plumbing Apprenticeships Doesn’t?

So finding plumbing apprenticeships didn’t work out. Enrolling in trade school will only make you more appealing to a plumbing company.  You will gain basic plumbing knowledge and it will also shorten the number of hours needed to complete a plumbing apprenticeship. Plumbing companies often turn to trade schools in search of applicants for their plumbing apprenticeships too.